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I am VERY lonely and depressed :( Everyone I care about abandons me and my ONLY dream in life is dead :( PLEASE PM ME :(… So this is Angelina Rose Anderson
And also, her nickname would be Rose
so she's 22
She is a kind person with a side of her she chooses not to learn
she is to herself, and it is very easy to push her buttons
she used to cut herself because nobody understood her, this made it hard for her to make any friends
she is afraid of her true self. She feels like she is psychotic, she feels if she opens herself to the world it would tear her apart
she wants to feel like something is using her, but it is truly her own thoughts and actions. She maybe worked at a coffee shop before going to prison

she is also into music, painting, and is Wicca

so she is living with her boyfriend in an apartment, as she grows as a Wiccan, she meets a guy who is on her spiritual level. She is only friends with him, meditating at the part, simple things like that. Her boyfriend was always welcome to come, but he wasn't into it. He became very jealous, which caused him to hate her. But he keeps his jealousy and hatred a secret. He also sells meth, and decides to set up Angelina to make her look guilty. He calls the police and says she has been doing it. Seeing how the apartment was hers, she ends up doing the time

and gets 6-10 years

and thats about all i have   except that in prison, she can make somewhat of a living in prison doing art: holiday cards and drawings and even tattoos
things that push her buttons: people not understanding her feelings. She hates being lied to. She hates when people speak her of grandmother that passed away. She hates when people bring up her scars. Most of all she hates bull
She always has music playing, and she plays guitar. She likes hardcore metal, rock love and blues
she paints pictures of nature. she loved everything natural. The sun and moon, different planets, solar systems unseen by man
I am VERY depressed and lonely :( PLEASE PM ME :(
I am VERY lonely and depressed :( (Sad) My ONLY dream in life is dead and EVERYONE I care about abandons me :( (Sad) I want to die so badly :( (Sad)


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Hello there, I am Taha. A writer and a philosopher who is broken. I'll happily talk to you. My email is contact me on skype, hangouts or mail or just here.
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